The Investment - Brandy Austin

Let's talk money! 

Why? Well, because sadly all things in life cost money and I have to help put food on the table!! But, seriously, I love what I do and if I could do it for free and still support my family, I would in a heartbeat! However, like you, I also have bills to pay and babies to feed and clothe! 

With that being said, my portrait sessions are now $200 for an hour of shoot-time! I feel like that's an amazing price for fun and personalized experience and beautiful, professional images! 

How do I come up with my pricing?

I weigh my cost of doing business (CODB: my time; traveling, shooting & editing, cost of equipment, TAXES, gas mileage, babysitting costs, etc.) against what I feel like is fair, given the quality of images I provide and come up with a number I am comfortable charging you! I also take into consideration the cost of photography where we live! I want to be fair, and still be able to give my babies what they DIAPERS! ALL the diapers!! 

I work with a professional printing company that delivers the highest quality of prints available. If you so choose, you may order your prints through my website for an additional cost. 

Turnaround time for a portrait session is 2 weeks at the very most. 
†Prices subject to change without notice

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